Color Me Friesians

This is Tucker! Tucker was born to Uno (Playgirls Dunit) our Buckskin double registered foundation  Quarter horse mare and of course sired by Zanders. Upon going to feed one morning after weeks of foalwatching Uno, Tucker was just there on the morning of March 12th. He walked right up to me with a nicker and said hi. He loved touches and scratches from the very start. SOLD


Tucker is very balanced and has the utmost correct conformation. He has a nice short back, nice hip and topline. He will make a fabulous riding horse no matter what your  riding  style or genre. He is a lover like his sire and dam with a calm affectionate tempermant. He is also a very rare color being a Smutty Buckskin Friesian cross!  He has been color genetics tested and is Homozygous black so will produce no red foals, has one Creme gene and so will be a producer of Dilute colored foals.
What is his color?  SMUTTY BUCKSKIN !!

We have received Tuckers genetic testing  and he is officially EE, Aa, nCr. Meaning he is homozygous for black factor, and has one creme and one Agouti gene. He will produce Buckskins and will NOT produce red foals. .